From sinful sweets to multigrain masterpieces,

our bakery selections are made fresh every day.



Signature Brownies

There is always a debate going on between brownie lovers: fudgy or cakey? 

Murphy's Signature Chocolate Brownies aim for the middle, giving you the best of both worlds.  So if you think you know the answer to the question…cakey? fudgy?  Give these brownies a try and I think you might agree that the correct answer is both.

Signature Pies

From rich, flaky crust to mounds of juicy, fresh fruit, every Murphy’s pie is bursting with homemade goodness. We use only the finest and freshest ingredients and follow family recipes, so you can count on old-fashioned flavor in every delicious bite. One taste and you’ll understand that quality ingredients make the difference!

Gourmet Cakes and Cupcakes


Murphy’s bakes a wide array of gourmet cakes, from the Vanilla Surprise to Charlotte Torte these cakes are bound to be a hit at any gathering.  Come in and inquire about our Specialty cakes, Murphy’s is able to customize to your hearts desire!


666 Stokes Road


381 Medford Lakes Road


​Medford and Tabernacle Locations:

First Hour of Operation (daily)

(Senior ages 60+ and those with compromised immune systems)

 Sunday - Saturday 7 am to 9 pm 



381 Medford Lakes 

Tabernacle, NJ 08088



We are proud

sponsors of 

9 South Bay Avenue
Beach Haven, LBI


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Beach Haven

First Hour of Operation (daily)

(Senior ages 60+ and those with compromised immune systems)

 Monday - Thursday 9 am to 8 pm

Friday - Saturday 9 am to 9 pm

Sunday 9 am to 8 pm

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